The tips that will banish fatigue permanently and you will sleep peacefully!

Have the rhythms of everyday life brought you to the brink of exhaustion? Science has found effective ways to charge your… batteries!

The fatigue you experience has paid off in many cases, but your body can cope with simple steps. The triptych sleep-exercise-breathing promises … miracles and you can only … rest!

How to sleep effectively

Sleep, according to scientists, is the A and the Z to help keep fatigue and stress levels low. There are simple steps that will make you sleep like a bird, such as:

Eat nuts: They are rich in potassium and help the body secrete melatonin, the sleep hormone. Spinach can also have similar effects. In general, choose foods that will give you potency, because it is one of the most effective natural remedies for sleep.

Try lettuce: Lettuce contains the substance lactucarium, or lettuce opium, which helps the brain to relax. You can make lettuce tea by boiling a few leaves for 10-15 minutes.

Include fish in your diet: Fish contains vitamin B6, which is responsible for the secretion of serotonin and melatonin.

See how you will always learn to choose fresh fish.

-Chamomile works wonders: It calms the nervous system and muscles and helps you relax.

-Close everything: When you lie down, turn off your TV, computer and smartphone as the light they produce catches your attention.

-Banas do the same job as hot milk: Both contain tryptophan, which helps the body calm down while putting it in… sleep mode!

But there are also preparations that will help you sleep, such as:

-Melatonin from the pharmacy: 3-9 milligrams is the desired dosage before bedtime.

-Valerian: It is a natural sedative, which can be found in stores with organic products, while it is available in pills and tea.

-Amino acid 5-HTP: It is the active substance that makes serotonin secreted in the brain. The downside is that it can not be used by people suffering from hypertension.

-Theanine: It is the amino acid found in green tea, however it is not effectively absorbed by the body through preparations. Plain, can be consumed, however the dose can not exceed 600 mg per day.

Yoga and exercise

Exercise causes the secretion of endorphins in the brain, the chemical that is the natural painkiller while reducing stress. In addition to yoga, which will help you calm down with breathing, walking for 30 minutes can have the same results, while banishing depression.

Breathe properly and effectively

There is a specific and correct way to breathe to relieve stress. We usually breathe unconsciously, but do we breathe properly? Research has shown that when a person does not breathe properly there is a risk of heart disease. The correct way is to take deep breaths until the air fills the lungs, exhaling slowly and steadily.

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