Live meaningfully every day: 8 techniques to find your “zen”

What is “zen”? The Japanese word that refers to meditation but also to the peace you get when you become one with the Universe, when you live in the present and have been freed from the inner conflicts you experience.

If you have decided that meditation will give you all that you lack and will help you to live meaningfully every day, then all you have to do is find the right technique to start right away.

It’s not difficult, as long as you find the style that suits you, since even meditation – just like exercise or diet – is a personal matter and should be tailor-made for you.


A meditation technique is the visual simulation where you bring to mind specific images that work relaxing for you. Thus, you create the desired relaxation in your body as wells Such images are usually images of nature.

As nature helps in emotional well-being (reduces stress and dispels negative emotions), but also in good physical condition (reduces stress, relaxes muscles and reduces the production of stress hormones).

What you can do with meditation is that you do not need to be in nature to take advantage of what it has to offer you but you can imagine that you are in nature to relax immediately!

Focus somewhere

The most classic form of meditation is to find a specific thing to focus on, an anchor for your thinking and to concentrate. By using your breath and watching it without trying to control it, you can relax and chase away all the thoughts that make you tired.

If during meditation you realize that your thoughts are carried away by something else do not get upset, simply and calmly focus again on your breathing without blaming yourself.

Focus on your body

Most hours of the day you focus on your mind, but you can meditate for a while focusing on your body Take your time and focus on every part of your body trying to relieve it of tension!

Abdominal breathing

An easy technique that can relieve you of stress, balance the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood. To achieve this, place one hand on your chest and one hand on your abdomen. Take a deep breath while feeling your abdomen swell and after the exhale feel your abdomen shrink (without shaking your chest throughout the procedure).

Group meditation

You may have tried meditation and you like it a lot but for some reason you can not make it your priority or you find it difficult to find the time or the calm to do it.

It is good to find a group that will motivate you to continue while at the same time will allow you to focus on your meditation and the time you have with yourself.

Walking and meditation

A more active technique, as it involves walking! Focus on the pressure on your foot when it comes in contact with the floor, but also on the weight change as you push when one foot and when the other. With this technique you can relax your body and mind but also increase your creativity.

Meditation and candles

A technique that you can achieve with closed and open eyes. Place a lighted candle at eye level and as far away from your body as your hands. Focus on the flame while looking at it or with your eyes closed while imagining the flame. Try not to think of anything else focusing only on the flame. If your mind is constantly busy with thoughts, this is an ideal way to relax it!

Meditation and music

According to experts, a certain rhythm of music stimulates our mind to synchronize with it. While a fast pace can increase your concentration, a slower pace can relax you right away. Listen to soft and relaxing music to meditate on the melody.

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