The NIH announces (National Institutes of Health) has announced the third known case of HIV remission. The patient involved has been symptom-free for the past 14 months after she completed her stem cell transplant.   A migrant worker wears a red ribbon during an event organized by the local government to promote HIV/AIDS knowledge to […]

Evolutionary Bionic For people with irregular heartbeats, a pacemaker is often the recommended device to address this health problem. As the name suggests, it regulates the beating of the heart to maintain the rhythm of the organ. Related to this medical device, the researchers have created a game-changing pacemaker that can reverse heart failure for […]

AIA Health offers Apple Watch an Australian health insurer, is giving away an Apple Watch to members who meet their health goals, which is giving users an average 35% increase in inactivity. AIA Health gives away Apple Watch In 2020, the Australian health insurer introduced the Apple Watch into its Vitality plan. Members who have […]

Apple Watch heart rate notifications have helped users monitor their heart rate during their daily activities and exercise routines. It has also helped them spot heart problems, prompting them to see a doctor. test. Now, the feature is said to be effective at detecting early symptoms of a thyroid condition. Even before you’ve been diagnosed. […]

CBD oil for anxiety The hype surrounding CBD for managing chronic pain and helping people they deserve is overwhelming. As a CBD company, it is sometimes difficult to handle just all the new CBD advances in helping people feel better. But, moving away from physical ailments, we wanted to write on a topic that is […]

Where does the fat go body melt?! | How do we lose weight? When you consume more calories than your body melt can burn, the number and size of fat cells in Many are looking to lose weight, which raises many questions about fat loss and the fate of the fats the body melt. In […]

Live meaningfully every day What is “zen”? The Japanese word refers to meditation but also to the peace you get when you become one with the Universe when you live in the present and have been freed from the inner conflicts you experience. If you have decided that meditation will give you all that you […]

banish fatigue permanently  Have the rhythms of everyday life brought you to the brink of exhaustion? Science has found effective ways to charge your… batteries! The fatigue you experience has paid off in many cases, but your body can cope with simple steps. The triptych sleep-exercise-breathing promises … miracles and you can only … rest! […]