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An ingredient in coffee helps end diabetes, but to do so you should drink espresso and avoid filter coffee, according to a Danish study. Diabetes mellitus  Consuming three to four cups of coffee. A day has been shown to reduce the risk of developing. Type 2 diabetes by 25% compared to those who drink one […]

Vitamin D supports muscle and skeletal health, helping the body absorb calcium and keeping bones and joints strong. There is a lot of research data that correlate vitamin D with the prevention of many chronic diseases. But also with the proper functioning of the whole organism. Therefore, it is good to know the natural sources, […]

What is “zen”? The Japanese word that refers to meditation but also to the peace you get when you become one with the Universe, when you live in the present and have been freed from the inner conflicts you experience. If you have decided that meditation will give you all that you lack and will […]

Have the rhythms of everyday life brought you to the brink of exhaustion? Science has found effective ways to charge your… batteries! The fatigue you experience has paid off in many cases, but your body can cope with simple steps. The triptych sleep-exercise-breathing promises … miracles and you can only … rest! How to sleep […]